Yesterday evening, BMW India flew high in Mumbai for promoting its BMW X Range of cars. It was a real treat to watch something like this while the weekend is about to begin. As an Ad-Lover, I thoroughly liked this concept of BMW to fly high with #LeaveYourMark banner attached to it. This created a lot of excitement in the college students of NMIMS and many others who were commuting back to their homes. This is definitely one of the best Marketing stunts done by any automobile brands in India.

This is also a classic example of Guerilla Marketing. I am sure most of the management people must have heard about this term. For the others let me describe it. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics to yield maximum results. Guerilla Marketing is unexpected and catches one’s attention causing a lasting effect. It creates a higher amount of impression in the minds of people than any other forms of traditional marketing.

The official video uploaded on BMW India Facebook and YouTube page.

This airplane flew between Andheri to Vile Parle and ended its journey in Pawanhans. The banner flying with it was big enough to grab attention and all car lovers must have understood what it meant. The copy read “The BMW X Range. Leave Your Mark.” But there is a flipside to this extremely good campaign. While the above video was taken from the front side, the below video is how it looked from the opposite side from where I was standing. BMW India could have enhanced the experience if the copy would have been readable from both the sides. This was the only disappointing thing which could have been taken care of before executing this campaign. All in all a real good attempt to surprise the brand lovers and create a sense of a long lasting recall which made me write this article.

Why advertise in Western Suburbs?

The most logical answer to this can be their sales pattern and brand lovers who typically reside here or come to work here. This whole area has many offices, celebrities residing, T.V stars and most importantly near to the airport. Also, if you look at the competitive landscape, this belt has almost all premium automobile brand showrooms. If you are an ad-lover and if you have ever observed, most of the premium automobile brands tend to advertise around the airport premises. So, all in all, it did make sense to advertise in this premises. The second aerial advertising can be probably in South Mumbai covering the areas of Cuffe Parade, Nariman Point belt and Worli.

P.S. All these are my personal views and not official statements of the brand.


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