Expectations from Fresh New Joinees in the Corporate World

Find Out What Companies Expect From Management Freshers

Expectations from Fresh New Joinees in the Corporate World Hi. Are you new to your current job? Are you wondering as to what exactly is...
Importance of Diwali in India

Diwali – A Festival To Lighten Lives Of One And All

Diwali is a festival which is connected to so many mythological events and so many positive values and emotions. This five-day festival is one...
8 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Green Diwali

“Aao Milkar Kuch Sahi Karein” – Lets Celebrate Green Diwali This Year

Diwali is meant for lights, crackers, celebration and enjoyment. We are eagerly waiting for the day to commemorate with our family, friends and spent...
I love my Grandparents

Oh Yes! My Grandparents Are Too “Grand” For Me

While one-half of me was tired and exhausted because of working overtime to meet deadlines at college, the other half of me was desperate...
Palace of Illusions_BookReview_thinkomania

The book that cured my reader’s block:The Palace Of Illusions By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I was afraid I'd never pick up a book again. Then again, I had never picked up The Palace of Illusions, before. Emerging from the...
Love Letter

The Only Boy I Fell In Love With – Souvenir From a Broken Heart

Dear Joy, Like your name you always bring joy to my life, a smile on my face and memories that can rejuvenate my soul. Everything...
Beautiful London

Travel Tips, Do’s/Don’t s & Everything you must know about The UK- Indian Perspective

First of all, UK(United Kingdom) should not be confused with U.S (United States Of America). This misconception still exists. UK is the one who...
Secret to Happy Life

Life in its own way to so called HEAVEN

Live life in such a way that there is no space for regret, Love someone so much that there is no space for hatred, Make...
Happy Navratri

This Navratri Let’s Fast For A Cause

In India, August to December is regarded as the festive seasons, due to festivals like Gokul Ashtami, Ramadan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali till Christmas....
Shah Jahan

Throne, Coffin or Humanity – What will you pass to the Next Gen ?

"Takht ya Takhta" which literally means Throne or Coffin, the Mughal Empire was no less than the famous Game of Thrones(GOT). It was far...

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