Change Is Beautiful: An Inspiring Ad By BIBA

Change Is Beautiful says BIBA

BIBA has recently launched its new ad campaign “Change Is Beautiful” highlighting the need of gender equality in this modern era. BIBA for me has been one of the best retail brands when it comes to celebrating womanhood the ethnic way. They have always evolved as per the fashion trends and have kept their customers happy. This ad beautifully addresses the gender-related prejudices and gives a much needed message.

India has always been a patriarchal society and hence women often compromise on their happiness. Women are expected to cook food at home and do other household chores no matter if she is working or not. BIBA is trying to break this barrier in this beautiful ad featuring Regina Cassandra- the Indian actress appearing in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films.

Seeing this I totally agree to Mr. Siddharth Bindra, MD, BIBA who says, “This digital campaign is a personification of our deep-rooted brand foundations which makes BIBA the face of today’s modern woman. Change is the only constant thing and it is indeed beautiful when it aims at the betterment of an individual or even society at large. This campaign is all about embracing and celebrating that change.”

The plot starts with beautiful Regina getting ready for the arranged marriage meeting at her place. She asks her father that how could she decide if the guy is the right one for him by just offering samosas to him? What her father does will shock you. Enjoy the ad here.

Branding Message?

BIBA has a brand personality of a young, trendy and a modern woman and this ad has justified it totally. Such ads not only catch attention but generate a good PR and it also increases the respect for the brand in the minds of the people.

Well, I just fell in love with this initiative and this ad too. BIBA has really done a great job by bringing up this issue and if you too like this ad and the concept do share this with your friends and relatives because this change is very much needed in India. Gender prejudice has always been an issue in our country and BIBA has open heartedly dealt with it. It is not about favoring either gender but it’s about treating both genders equally.Such change is very much needed for the betterment of our society, our values, and our cultures. Let’s make this society a beautiful place to live in with both genders standing equally with a mutual respect for one another.

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