How Innovative Ads Are Reaching Out and Becoming Viral?


If you noticed a few days ago, there was an innovative ad on creating awareness on Cancer. This ad was viral because it was of a beautiful motion poster that was of a girl in an underground railway platform. Till the time the train came, the girl had long hair, but then suddenly, when the train came, the hair flew, showing the girl was actually bald and was a cancer survivor. Innovative ads are now in rage since they have concepts and have hard-hitting lines. They are not your run of the mill ads with hot babes or hunky dory men with hummable jingles.

Today, in the times of social media, and millions of online users at every hour of the day, all it takes for an ad to reach out is concept.

Concept is the king here:

When a business has a great competition to stay afloat and when it has a million dollar set aside for some of the coolest ad campaign then sky is the limit. There were huge minion floats and cute mascots running all around a major city in the West ahead of the release of the Illumination Entertainment’s Minions movie. Such campaigns are quick to catch on the idea and people take to the concept soon.

Guerilla marketing campaigns are in rage and people try to sell anything from these campaigns. From Taco Bell, to Axe deodorants, to Vodafone, the innovative advertising company heads are doing everything in their power to draw attention to their products.

Innovative video ads are there always and from the funny and cute Dancing babies of the Evian mineral water to the others, the advertising heads are surely getting all the attention.

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Stylish ads and trend of sharing:

Funny ads, stylish ads and detailed ads like that of Tanishq diamond jewelry have become very popular. People talk about these ads and they share them making these products popular indirectly.

If it is not the ad, the people surely connect the ad with the products and this is why businesses are not delaying in making thought-provoking ads. Funny ads, creative and very thoughtful ads with powerful messages are in rage and they are doing what they must do too. Today, it is not impossible to see an ad winning millions of hits on YouTube in twenty-four hours all thanks to the concept and style of advertisement.

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