Microsoft Ad featuring “old friend” Apple intending to spread Love and Peace this holiday season.

Microsoft Ad featuring

Microsoft has released a heartwarming commercial featuring its “Old Friend” Apple in its latest commercial released on their official pages. The ad features the tagline “Microsoft employees deliver a special message to some old friends” and employees and a youth choir singing “Let There be Peace on Earth” in front of an Apple store. You may have seen many brands like Pepsi-Coke, Rin-Tide, Colgate-Pepsodent, Ola-Uber and so many brands who are always spoofing each other trying to prove how they are better than each other.

For the first time in years, you will see a brand featuring their competitors so positively and with a cause attached to it. Seeing this, you will learn a new marketing lesson that not all guerrilla marketing needs to be aggressive and a put-down. There are such creative ways too which will be loved by anyone who watches this commercial. Microsoft is one such brand which has consistently given good ads and once again have beaten Apple with humility and class.

When you look at such ads; it just reminds me of a famous Hindi dialogue ‘ab rulayega kya pagle’. (now,will you make me cry you crazy) Whether this is a corporate scheme to sell more products or genuine holiday wishes, I don’t care. But I really applaud Microsoft for this. What a cool way to put differences aside and stand by the competitor’s side to enjoy the Christmas season. I am excited to see how Apple responds to this. Apple, it is your turn now.

The new ad features Microsoft employees walking from the company’s 5th Avenue store in New York City to Apple’s newly opened signature store few blocks away to spread holiday wishes. They are accompanied by a local children’s choir of NYC.  Watch the full ad here and share it if you like their gesture

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