‘Miley feeling nai wali’ says Droom on buying ‘Second Hand’ vehicles

Droom Logo, India's most trusted Motorplace

Droom, which claims itself to be India’s first and largest online marketplace to buy & sell used cars, bikes, scooters, bicycles, aeroplanes has launched its debut TV ads expressing the emotions of buyers of second hand products. The brand has roped in Contract Advertising and they have nailed it beautifully targeting the middle class families.

What is the campaign all about?

Their campaign ‘Bindaas Ghoom‘ includes 2 TV ads which expresses the joy of owning a senond hand vehicle. Both ads feature a couple who debate whether their recently bought vehicles need celebration or not. The men in both TVCs are reluctant for a celebration (Since it is a second hand vehicle) but the women in both the TVCs play a hero by focusing on the positive changes the vehicle will have in their lives. The ads end with the tagline ‘Miley feeling nai wali’. 

What is so special about this ad? 

In India, we often have a moderately positive to extremely negative outlook on using second hand products. It often comes on our “izzat” to use second hand products. The male ego goes for a toss if he has to go for buying a used product. There is a beautiful moment in the ad where the girl says, “Tumhe second se itni problem kyu hai? Mai bhi toh tumhari second girlfriend thi” This was that moment where I was completely taken away with the ad. This is also that moment where the youth will connect very instantly and their outlook towards second hand vehicles will change. This ad seems male skewed in the age group of 25-35 where men are more serious in their personal lives and are on a growing phase of their career. This ad is special because it has effectively portrayed the perfect Indian mindsight towards second hand products and the gender specific outlooks are also quite true.

Brand Messaging ?

Droom is trying to assure the customers to be rest assured on the quality of used vehicles on their platform since all of them are throughly verified. The brand messaging to me looks perfect and it will create a lasting impact. But what is not good about this is that it is creating confusion in the minds of the people. People are loving the ad but when asked about the brand name of the ad they are often saying “OLX” or “Quikr” which is not a good for Droom. I did a dip stick with 20 individuals (Both Male and Female SECAB 25-35, post graduates) and to my surprise all of them remembered this ad but with a wrong brand name. Only 6 out of 20 could recollect Droom which means that the Brand name needs to be hammered in the upcoming ads.

Takeaways from this ad

Sometimes your ad becomes so good that people tend to remember every bit of the end but forget the brand name. This is one such case where the ads are being enjoyed but brand name is not being recollected easily. This can also be because of low share of voice as compared to brands like OLX and Quikr. Whatever may be the case, but the brand name in this case has not been hammered in the minds of the people and it should be taken into consideration.

Enjoy the second ad here :

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