Bold Is Beautiful- Radhika Apte is back with a hard hitting ad by Myntra

This ad featuring Radhika Apte brilliantly highlights the people's prejudice towards working pregnant women

In order to promote their apparel brand ‘Anouk’, Myntra recently released an ad featuring Radhika Apte and Shernaz Patel which is a bold response to sexism at the workplace. Most often working women have to take a sabbatical from work when they get pregnant. Even if they are fit and competent to handle both work and home, many companies prefer to not give them work or right promotion. While other e-commerce companies are busy fighting in discount wars, Myntra comes up with this beautiful ad- ‘The Calling’ highlighting the stereotypes of an employer towards a pregnant woman. Myntra has previously come out with some hard hitting, realistic ads on urban Indian women including the one on lesbian couple which also went viral.

This ad has just been released but by the looks of it, and it’s already trending on the social sharing sites. This is the second time Myntra is using a corporate ad to empower women. The first ad The Visit released a last year ago on a lesbian couple had also gone viral.

Reactions of people on Facebook. This ad has got an overwhelming response and I think this is what that matters. Myntra’s brand image will definitely see a positive impact and they have really gone away from the clutter.

Myntra ad gone viral

Why did this ad go viral?

  • The ad has effectively depicted the corporate realities and many women have strongly related this to their lives.
  • The ad is inspiring enough for people to share it on their timelines and network.
  • Radhika Apte is the face of the ad.
  • The ad is brilliantly conceptualised and equally well executed.


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