Urban Ladder Launches An Emotional Diwali Short Film- “The Homecoming”


Urban Ladder, a curated online marketplace for furniture and home décor hits this Diwali with their latest short film “The Homecoming”. It features Piyush Mishra, Amit Sadh, Taapsee Pannu as the lead actors

 The film portrays a young couple, who is keen to get the man’s parents in their new home in the city. The parents agreed to visit for Diwali. The young couple realises that their parents face difficulties from using forks and knife in dinner to sleep in soft bed and sofa. The mother also explains that her husband likes to sit in the swing back home and loves to read Hindi newspaper. The old duo soon left for a relative visit and promise to return for Diwali. When they do, they are in an utter surprise. They found out that their room is redone with all new furniture, with not too soft bed and sofas, a beautiful swing with a Hindi newspaper and a portrait with their parents hung on the wall. By this heart-warming gesture, the older parents readily accept to move into their house and the TVC ends with a note “Beautiful homes starts here”.

“At Urban Ladder, we strongly believe that a beautiful home is not just created with good looking furniture, but with a lot of thoughts that make spaces comfortable and cozy for everyday living. Our everyday routine revolves around those favourite spaces in our home which complete our day – tea on the swing, newspaper on a lounge chair or the bookshelf that stacks our everyday reads. In this film, we have tried to capture how small but thoughtful changes can make a house a home and bring people together,” said Urban Ladder VP – marketing Nikhil Ramaprakash.

 The brand positioning implies that family ties should go beyond festivals. A home is built with a family, the moments of laughter and the feeling of belongingness. Urban Ladder implies in the short film that the brand is not only about home furnishing and decor but a sentiment which makes you feel that you are in “HOME” and that is the main driving message of the film.

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