What’s the Hoopla around Pokemon Go?


If you thought that with Angry Birds and Temple Run, the craze for games on Smart phones has gone down, then you surely have not heard of Pokemon Go. Yes, the game is the biggest hit in the market and it has already hooked thousands of people of all ages to say, “GottaCatch’em All!”

If you have watched the 90’s hit Japanese cartoon series of Pokemon, you would surely know that the series was about catching various types of cute and sometimes lethal pocket monsters in Pokeballs and training them. Finally, there would be matches and tournaments, and this is what you get to do in Pokemon Go.

When the game of Pokemon Go hit the market early in July this year, there was suddenly a lot of rush to catch a Pikachu, and a Jigglypuff.

People were catching these creatures in real life at a real location before someone else could do so. Therefore, that meant people had to go there physically and catch these monsters to win them. This game is an Augmented Reality Game and this is the biggest kick that any game could give the players.

Team Pokemon

Why Pokemon Go scores high?

As a mobile phone game, this Pokemon Go is simply the easiest thing to have in every phone. Unlike other games, which require you to simply move your fingers and touch the pad and keys to make movements, Pokemon Go is making players to get up and move to that place.

This Augmented Reality game uses Google Maps and hence knows the place closest to you. This means that the location will show where you can get your next Jigglypuff or Squirtle in an actual spot. This game is a bliss for many nerds who have always wished to live in an Augmented Reality life.

A big plus with this game is that it is a very non-violent game and yet, there are great chances to become addict of Pokemon Go in no time.

PokemonThe flip side is that the game is so enjoyable that many people have already become addicts to it and are doing things without care. For instance, there have been reports of people jumping off the cliffs or even meeting with road accident!

Still we have to give it to Nintendo to bring in a lot of fun to the gaming industry and then there are other businesses that are also cashing in on this craze to make their business work!

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