Why did Tata Motors rope in the Soccer Superstar Lionel Messi as its Global Brand Ambassador?

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador for Tata Motors


Photo credit:  Mayank Preek’s Twitter handle

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company has roped in Barcelona and global soccer superstar Lionel Messi to become its global brand ambassador. This is a major marketing initiative and typically done to lure the youth towards the brand.

 The company has signed-up the four-time winner of the best football player of the world award and Argentine captain Messi as global brand ambassador to promote and endorse passenger vehicles, globally, Tata Motors said on Monday.

“The idea is to engage with young people and we found that football and Messi had a lot of connect with the youth,” Tata Motors President, Mayank Pareek told PTI.

Tata Motors would be the first Indian brand endorsed by the Argentina-born Messi (28). This is also the first time ever that the passenger vehicle business will be undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador. Adds Pareek, “We chose football because all our research and surveys prove that football is the new ‘cool’ and the current generation connects better with football. Soccer has a huge following in India and Messi is in a different league, making him the apt choice with his unique ability to appeal globally, transcending geographies, to represent our brand, internationally.”(Source: Economic Times)

Tata cars generally are not in the wishlist of the youngsters  ( Except to some extent Tata Nano) and I think this is what is bothering the brand and hence this move to rope in Messi. Tata cars are perceived to be boring cars with no sleek looks and no power. They are also referred to as Taxi cars or luggage cars. Tata cars lack the aspirational feel in the minds of the youngsters. Every average earning youngster in India aspires to buy a Suzuki, Hyundai or a Honda. No one in the metros aspires to drive a Tata car (Dipstick of 30 youngsters of Mumbai). Indian youth is quite fascinated by football and Messi is like “Sachin Tendulkar” of football. This association is a creative one and will resonate well with Messi fans. But the stock market discounted this big news and the stock closed at Rs 382.05, down Rs 5.15, or 1.33 percent.

The campaign, #madeofgreat is conceptualized by Soho Square Advertising & Marketing Communications and Tata Motors.Watch it here.

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