Contributors are always welcome here at ThinkOMania. The site is growing fast and writing for ThinkOMania will give you a good exposure in your respective interests.Write-for-Us-thinkomania

If you have medium-to-good English, willing to research and contribute good quality articles with Original Content, we would like to invite you to become a part of ThinkOMania family & start Writing.


Your article will be featured for our readers to read.

You can promote your own website, along with your biography in the Author Information box at the end of each post.

You get publicity and a dedicated page for yourself ! Lot of Exposure, Backlinks & Traffic back to your webpage or website.

What can I write about?

You can write on the following topics; Blogging, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Software, Gadgets, Internet, Tips, Entertainment, Tutorials, and Computer. (Let us know if you want to write on any other topic)

Do I get paid?

At the moment, we can only give recognition for our contributors.

Guidelines, Terms & Conditions for Writing Articles/Posts

Don’t Post Copyright Material: You should respect everyone’s original work.
Site References/Credits: respects individual work and if your post idea is derived from the study of someone else’s work, you should cite appropriate references to original articles. Same goes to images which you use on your post.

Add Relevant Pictures/Screenshots/Videos: A picture is worth more than a thousand words and helps readers identify more with the post because of the visual appeal it creates. You should try to include one or two relevant images /Screenshots. You can also embed suitable YouTube/Vimeo Videos.

Don’t Include Affiliate Links: All types of Affiliate Links (cloaked/uncloaked) are not allowed.

Don’t Do Self Promotion in Posts: Your Author-Bio would be visible directly under your post and it would include a backlink to your website mentioned under your profile settings. So don’t add anything else in your post for self-promotion.

Follow-up Comments Regularly: Readers try to interact with the author by commenting on posts and posting questions and soon it becomes a conversation. Conversations are healthy for your post if you follow-up and respond to post comments on time. You will be automatically subscribed to your post comments, so that whenever someone posts a comment, you will be notified of it.


It is very important to share your knowledge and experience with everyone. This way you are giving back to the community. We would be more than happy for you to contribute to the community with us. So if you’re interested in writing an article or want to become a part-time/full-time contributor feel free to contact us and we will get back to you quickly!

Note: mark “Urgent” (if it’s a trending issue or something that needs immediate attention) in the beginning of your story title if it’s actually urgent.

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